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Slimming Tea: Is It Safe and Effective? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.9/5

Slimming Tea: Is It Safe and Effective?
What is Slimming Tea?

Everyone needs a little help to lose weight every now and then, and thanks to the wide range of weight loss products and diet pills currently available to users looking to drop some pounds, it’s never been easier to obtain the body of your dreams. Unfortunately, many dieters are still reluctant to rely on diet pills and other such weight loss aids that should be perfectly safe and effective as long as you make sure to do the proper amount of research before giving them a try. But for health enthusiasts who would still prefer not to pop a pill, there are products such as Slimming Tea, a blend of various different teas and other weight loss ingredients that are all believed to provide you with the kind of weight loss results that you’re looking for.

Fit Tea Detox Review – Is it Good For Weight Loss? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.8/5

Fit Tea Detox Review – Is it Good For Weight Loss?

What’s Fit Tea Detox?

It seems like these days everyone is either dieting or spending hours at the gym every week. Some dieters even use health supplements like diet pills to help whip them into better shape. But you also have people who want the effects of diet pills without having to take pills, capsules or tablets. Sound like you? If so, you may end up wanting to give Fit Tea Detox a try. Fit Tea Detox is a drinkable diet supplement that consists of a special tea blends as its name suggests. Its intended effect is to provide a cleaning detox experiences that flushes your body of excess fluids and waste to assist you in slimming down fast.

Cho Wa – Does This Product Really Work? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 3.5/5

Cho Wa – Does This Product Really Work?
What is Cho Wa?

Today the weight loss market features more options than ever before for dieters and fitness enthusiasts looking to get into better shape. However, some dieters still feel uncomfortable taking pills or other supplements that feel too much like medication, or products that make them conscious of their weight loss process. If you feel like you fit into this category, you may want to try Cho Wa weight loss tea. Allegedly capable of boosting your metabolism to improve the way your body turns the calories you eat into energy that you can use, Cho Wa might be a convenient and effortless way to lose the pesky weight you’ve never manage to lose.

Tava Tea  – Side Effects. Is it safe for you? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.9/5

Tava Tea – Side Effects. Is it safe for you?
What is Tava Tea?

Widely believed to be capable enhancing your body’s metabolic functions and improving the way your body burns fat, it isn’t hard to see why green tea enjoys such popularity on weight loss market. Tava Tea has particularly strong faith in the ingredient, as it consists of three different types of green tea, the combination of which it claims can result in quick and effective weight loss.

While green tea undoubtedly has its benefits, weight loss supplements and products usually need at least a few more ingredients than just green tea to see results. While Tava Tea does have a few additional ingredients, we were still skeptical regarding how it could provide the kind of weight loss it promises. Perhaps you are skeptical too; if so, continue to read this review of Tava Tea to find out if it will really assist in your weight loss.

Teami Diet Tea Review – Does it Work? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.9/5

Teami Diet Tea Review – Does it Work?

What is Teami?

Teami Diet Tea is a tea brand made in different formulas to help detox the body and provide weight loss benefits. With diet pills being so popular in the nutritional supplement world, it can be easy to overlook the different options that people have at their disposal. That’s where Teami comes in, offering a variety of teas that can help people improve their health in various areas, such as detoxing, energy boosting and weight loss to name a few.

In addition to their various products, Teami also offers a detox plan for people who are serious about reaching their health goals. In this article we will be reviewing this company’s weight loss product, Teami Detox 30 Days Pack. So does the variety of teas that this company produces actually help people get healthier and slimmer at the same time? Or are there claims nothing more than marketing hype? In reviewing different weight loss supplements, Sletrokor was found to be the most effective. This plant based proprietary blend has helped many customers lose weight, and it’s free of any stimulants or artificial additives. You can learn more about Sletrokor by following the link provided here.

Pinalim Review – Does This Product Really Work? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.9/5

Pinalim Review – Does This Product Really Work?

What is Pinalim?

Originating from Mexico, Pinalim Tea advertises itself as a tea that can help people lose weight, while at the same time giving the body a healthy dose of antioxidants. It is a revamped itineration of a previous version of the product, and as Alpha XR says, this product now doesn’t say “ Herbal Supplement Bag” on the front of the box. As you can tell, there are a lot of exciting changes in this new version of the product!

Filled with various tea leaves as well as flax and pineapple, this all natural combination of ingredients seems to be the perfect thing to help people lose weight. Or at least, that’s what it looks like from the pictures that the company supplies online. So is it really effective in it’s claims? We decided to find out.

SkinnyMint Diet Tea Review – Does This Product Really Work? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 3.1/5

SkinnyMint Diet Tea Review – Does This Product Really Work?

What is SkinnyMint?

Not only claiming to help with weight loss but overall detoxification, SkinnyMint is a tea detox, or teatox, that claims that it can have it’s users lose weight, get a flatter stomach and be overall healthier as well. The general audience this product is geared toward is women.

In addition to this, the ingredients included are claimed to be all natural and help boost metabolism. At the same time the makers of this product stress that this is not a meal replacement program. SkinnyMint is meant to work in a two step process, one tea in the morning and one at night. The program itself lasts either 14 or 28 days long.

Green Tea Hawaii Review – Shocking truth about Green Tea Hawaii Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 3.0/5

Green Tea Hawaii Review – Shocking truth about Green Tea Hawaii

What is Green Tea Hawaii?

Everyone knows that green tea is healthy for you. But what if you could get more out of it than you currently do? Thus is the case with Green Tea Hawaii, which promises its users the health benefits of green tea, albeit in a much more potent form that it is originally. This is because it comes in a powdered form and added with other ingredients that are meant to enhance it.

So is this product really a more healthy version of green tea? Or is this all just a waste of money, as you can get what you need from the original ingredient by itself? We decided to check this product out and find out what the real deal is.

Slim Tea Review – Shocking truth about Slim Tea Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.7/5

Slim Tea Review – Shocking truth about Slim Tea
What is it Slim Tea?

Coming in liquid as well as capsule form, Slim Tea claims to be full of antioxidants and that it can help boost your metabolism as well. The company’s website talks to it’s readers as if they have already become disillusioned by dietary supplements in general.  So if you are tired of laboratory made products that seem to get you nowhere, this product tries to garner your attention toward it as an alternative.

Smooth Move Tea Review: Does it Work? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.9/5

Smooth Move Tea Review: Does it Work?

What is Smooth Move Tea?

This herbal tea was created for the intended purpose of alleviating constipation which then leads to a bowel movement. Featuring all natural ingredients this product also is said to work within 6 to 12 hours after ingesting.

It’s supposed to provide relief in a relaxed and calm manner as opposed to a rush that may affect the stomach negatively.  It is also organic on top of providing a herbal remedy for constipation relief.

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